Jingdong Wang 王井东

Senior Researcher
Microsoft Research Asia
Beijing, China
Email_1: jingdw at microsoft dot com
Email_2: welleast at outlook dot com

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Jingdong Wang is a Senior Researcher at Visual Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia. His areas of interest include CNN architecture design, large-scale indexing, human understanding, and person re-identification. He has been serving/served as an Associate Editor of IEEE TMM and IEEE TCSVT, and an area chair (or SPC) of some prestigious conferences in vision, multimedia, and AI, such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, ACM MM, IJCAI, and AAAI. He is a Fellow of IAPR. CV


1. Efficient convolutional neural networks: Interleaved group convolutions  Code  Related papers

2. The person re-identification datasets: The Market-1501 and Mars datasets

3. Part-aligned representations for person re-identification:  Deeply-Learned Part-Aligned Representations  Code

4. A survey on learning to hash: PDF v2   HTML v2   PDF v1

Recent Publications

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[9]  Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Merge-and-Run Mappings. Liming Zhao, Mingjie Li, Depu Meng, Xi Li, Zhuowen Tu, Zhaoxiang Zhang, Yueting Zhuang, Jingdong Wang. IJCAI 2018.  [pdf] [Code ]
[8]  IGCV2: InterleavedStructuredSparseConvolutionalNeuralNetworks. Guotian Xie, Jingdong Wang, Ting Zhang, Jianhuang Lai, Richang Hong, Guo-Jun Qi. CVPR 2018.  [pdf]
[7]  IGCV1: Interleaved Group Convolutions. Ting Zhang, Guo-Jun Qi, Bin Xiao, and Jingdong Wang. ICCV 2017.  [pdf]  [code]  [related papers]  [Zhihu]  [blog]
[6]  Deeply-Learned Part-Aligned Representations for Person Re-Identification. Liming Zhao, Xi Li, Yueting Zhuang, and Jingdong Wang. ICCV 2017.  [pdf]
[5]  Human Pose Estimation using Global and Local Normalization. Ke Sun, Cuiling Lan, Junliang Xing, Dong Liu, Wenjun Zeng, Jingdong Wang. ICCV 2017.  [pdf]
[4]  Ensemble Diffusion for Retrieval. Song Bai, Zhichao Zhou, Jingdong Wang, Xiang Bai, Longin Jan Latecki, Qi Tian. ICCV 2017.  [pdf]
[3]  A Survey on Learning to Hash. Jingdong Wang, Ting Zhang, Jingkuan Song, Nicu Sebe, and Heng Tao Shen. TPAMI, Accepted 2017.  [pdf v2]  [[pdf v1]]
[2]  On the Connection of Deep Fusion to Ensembling. Liming Zhao, Jingdong Wang, Xi Li, Zhuowen Tu, and Wenjun Zeng. arXiv.  [pdf] [Code ]
[1]  Deeply-Fused Nets. Jingdong Wang, Zhen Wei, Ting Zhang, and Wenjun Zeng. arXiv.  [pdf]

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