High-Resolution Representation Learning for Object Detection

Ke Sun     Yang Zhao     Borui Jiang     Tianheng Cheng     Bin Xiao     Dong Liu     Yadong Mu     Xinggang Wang     Wenyu Liu     Jingdong Wang


We extend the high-resolution representation (HRNet) [1] by augmenting the high-resolution representation by aggregating the (upsampled) representations from all the parallel convolutions, leading to stronger representations. We build a multi-level representation from the high resolution and apply it to the Faster R-CNN, Mask R-CNN and Cascade R-CNN framework. This proposed approach achieves superior results to existing single-model networks on COCO object detection.
The code and models are publicly available at GitHub.





We released the training and testing code and the pretrained model at GitHub

Other applications

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Pose estimation Semantic segmentation Face alignment Image classification Object detection


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[1]  Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Human Pose Estimation. Ke Sun, Bin Xiao, Dong Liu, and Jingdong Wang. CVPR 2019.

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